It's been some time since I found my way around these parts of the internet. Almost 6 months to be exact. I felt now is as good of a time as any to re-familiarize myself with the workings of this blog. So here we are.

Yesterday was my birthday.

Recently birthdays have become a time of reflection for me. I like to take some time and assess how things are going with the current year, both personally and professionally. Because of the timing, I've been using my birthday as a marker to kick-off the final stretch of the year. Basically, it's where I try to refresh, regroup and finish the year strong.

This year is a little different. The Wife and I have added a second Little Guy to the homestead. He was born at the end of August and is now commanding our attention. Let's also not forget that the other Little Guy is now 2 and is as talkative and devious as you would expect as our spawn. So, yeah it's a good time around here. Especially as we work through our new routines and integrating this new human into our lives. That's him over there with the crooked hat.

He has been getting along nicely so far. Clover seems to tolerate him. The Little Guy wants to hold him all the time. So at this point we are just rolling with the punches and waiting for us to get out of the newborn fog. Until that time, we are just going to surrender to the flow. Or try to at least.

Until next time.