Southern Tier - Pumking

Pumpkin beer season is here and today we kick it off with a classic, well at least an East coast classic. The beer is called Pumking and is brewed at Southern Tier Brewery in Lakewood, NY. The bottle on this one is a spot-on. It's a dark bottle with what the name says, a bright orange pumpkin with a crown on it. I've heard good things about this beer so let's get into it.

Pumking pours a bright orange, pumpkin color with a little bit of white head. The smell of pumpkin is everywhere. There is also a smell of buttery pie crust, which is not typically found in a pumpkin beer. I don't want to ruin future reviews by saying this, but most pumpkin beers have the cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice aroma trifecta. While it is present in this one as well, it is not upfront and over the top. The taste is exactly what it smells like, pumpkin pie with a buttery crust and whip cream. The higher alcohol content is hidden by the great flavor.

The one problem I have with this beer is its availability in my area. It seems to be available for a day and a half. I now understand why. This beer is delicious. Luckily I was able to find it when I was down in Myrtle Beach. Not sure why it was readily available in South Carolina but not in its neighboring state, NJ. Anyway, I highly recommend this beer to anyone who can find it. If you do find it, make sure to grab it. Here are the stats:

Brewery: Southern Tier Beer Company
Beer: Pumking
ABV: 8.6%


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