Monday Night Debacle?

If you listen to all the talking heads out there, whether it be on the Worldwide leader or the mothership known as the NFL Network, everyone is saying the Jets are done. Moreover, they will get blown out tonight. Me, being in the glass half full crowd of Jets fans, believe neither one of these prognostications. I am not saying this team is a Super Bowl caliber team, but I am also not saying this team will pick in the top 5 of next year's NFL draft. The team that Rex Ryan called the most talented Jets team he has ever coached, is far from that. Let's take a look at why.

First, you bring in a backup QB to push your talented young "starting" QB. The guy you bring in is not someone like Kyle Orton or even someone like Jason Campbell, who are both borderline starting QBs in the NFL, instead you bring in the circus sideshow known as Tim Tebow. Mark Sanchez, your "starting quarterback", won't be pushed by this media circus. I know I am not saying anything that has not been said before, this guy, Tebow, does not want to be a backup, which is not a bad thing for him.

The fact remains, the guy is a sideshow who cannot throw a football. He was an amazing college football player and also had a little run last year with the Broncos. There was a reason that John Elway got rid of him when they brought in Peyton Manning. The whole sideshow thing. As a general manager, and I'm looking at you Tannenbaum, why would you bring in a guy who threatens your QB's job and not some veteran who could help Sanchez grow as a QB? My only answer is to sell tickets and merchandise. Tebow will never be a good QB in this league. NEVER!

Nonetheless, they brought in Tim Tebow.  Who did they surround Sanchez with to help him develop as a QB? Oh that's right, no one. You get a guy like Santonio Holmes who the Steelers traded away for a bag of footballs and a hot dog. I wonder why they did that? Refer to last season's finale in Miami. Could that be why? The guy is a cancer. You draft a suspect WR who had problems catching the ball and running routes in college and played in a triple option scheme. I understand the guy knows how to block and you want to get back to "Ground and Pound". Hey Tannebaum and Rex, take a look around the league, you see anyone who has won the Super Bowl in the last 5-8 years play ground and pound? Let me answer that for you, nope. It's a throwing league. You need WRs who can catch the ball and you need a QB who can sling it around. The QB I think we have, in Sanchez. The reason I say this is because whenever you give him a chance to throw the ball downfield he does pretty well. The problem lies with who the hell is he throwing it to. No one. Ground and pound is a thing of the past. You need a stable of wideouts and a TE, which you have if he can get on the field in Dustin Keller.

Not only who Sanchez is throwing to a problem, but why must he come off the field every third play after getting into a little bit of a rhythm, so we can run a QB draw or read option for a 2 yard gain. Does Tebow have a quota of plays that he has to meet each week? And by the way Tony Sparano, way to unveil the wildcat you had hidden all preseason. There is no secret as to what is going to happen when Tebow gets on the field. None.

Ok, so let's go with the notion that you are right and the Jets can win with Ground and Pound. How can you run the ball when the offensive line does not move anyone off the ball and the running back, Shonne Greene, has no burst and gains 3 yards at a time. Build the offensive line and get a RB who actually has some speed. In my opinion, Bilal Powell can be that guy. He hits holes and can sort of catch the ball out of the backfield. Give him a shot! It can't be any worse than the clown who runs the ball now.

Now onto the defense, which is supposed to be Rex's specialty. I am looking at you used to be fat man. Ever since you lost all that weight it seems as though you forgot how to coach the side of the ball that put you into the spot you are in now. I get that Revis is hurt and he is one of the best corners in the league, if not the best, but where is the depth? Rex you claim to have an eye for corners, but where are the backups? Kyle Wilson can't cover anyone, neither can any of the other guys you run out there.

You draft a guy in the first round this year in Quinton Coples, who I believe has zero sacks to date. Look up 95 to New England and see how Chandler Jones is doing. Where is the pressure on the QB? How come other teams can do it with only four guys rushing? Am I missing something? Rex, I thought you were the defensive guru. Show me something? Anything! A glimmer of hope to still believe you know how to coach.

With all of this being said, if you were to tell me before the season started the Jets would be 2-3 or possibly 3-2, depending on the outcome of tonight's game, I would have signed for it. The debacle it has turned into was not unseen because of all the things I outlined above. It's poor coaching, poor offseason decisions, and poor player personnel choices. You can say this is because of the media market, but this team is not that good. Their schedule eases up a little going forward, but the fact remains, this team is not that good. And in typical Jets fashion, they will not be bad enough to get a high draft pick, but instead have a middle of the road pick. But that's for another time. Today is about the idea that the team and coaches have to look inside themselves and find whatever it is they can find to not get blown out tonight.

Now onto the pick.

JETS (+8) vs. Texans
After all the negatives I mentioned above, I think this team comes out and plays their asses off. At least that is what I am hoping to see. I want to see how much heart this team has and what kind of coach Rex Ryan is. No one is expecting anything tonight. I am not saying they win the game, although I would not be shocked, I still expect this game to be close. I am willing to buy in for another week before I say they are the same old Jets.

All I ask is for Gang Green to show me something tonight. I am still buying in. I am still showing up and tailgating. That won't change. Give me something to believe in.  J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!!

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