Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Ramblings

Well, well, well, September, we meet again. It has been written in this space several times that this is my favorite time of year. The summer is still going strong despite what your teacher friends are saying, but fall is creeping up on us. September weather is the nicest we get all year, warm during the day and some cooler weather over night. Just my style. The weather is not the only thing I look forward to in September. There's a little thing called football and tailgating that begins as well. So without further ado, let's get into this.

-As referenced above, football is coming! Rutgers opens up their season this Saturday at home and against Norfolk St. This will be the Scarlet Knights second season in the Big 10 and are looking to build off last year's season. The defense should be fine, but there are some questions. The big question is the QB position, now that Gary Nova has moved on. Luckily they have Norfolk St to try to iron out some kinks. Rutgers finishes the season at 8-4 this year and gets invited to a better bowl.

-The Jets still have one more preseason game this week before their season begins. I will have my NFL preview out next week. I also have some fantasy football drafts left, so I don't want to give out all of my picks or thoughts just yet.

-There is something else that is happening this September that has not happened in over 7 years, meaningful baseball games in Queens. That's right, the Mets have a chance to make the playoffs and make a run. I'm not getting ahead of myself, I'm just enjoying the ride. But, there is still time to jump on the bandwagon.

-I will be bottling my last homebrew of the year this week, Clover's Cornucopia, a pumpkin stout. I have had some good brews and also had my first bad one (RIP LePirt). I will be writing up a post about them later this month.

Here's to a good month of football, meaningful baseball, and some nice weather.

Happy Drafting!

Until next time.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Round is a Shape

Why is it so hard to get back to exercising after a week or so off? The struggle is real, especially for someone with the history of chronic excuses. I can concoct some great rationalizations, not necessarily excuses, for not doing something. And unfortunately exercise tops the list of things I can sidestep. It's not that I don't schedule times to exercise, because I do. It's just easier not to do it.

Luckily for my sake, I have not been eating as badly as I used to, so I can hang my hat on that. I have vegetables with almost every meal. Not because I want to, but because that's all it seems we have in the house. Planting a veggie garden and signing up for the CSA has all but guaranteed that there is a tremendous amount of vegetables around at all times. So much so that I am giving myself a crash course on pickling and canning. Stay tuned for pictures and possibly some recipes for my creations.

This week is about getting back on track with my exercising program and getting back to only having drinks on the weekend. About the drinks, that has slipped recently as well. Because, summer. See there's that rationalizing again. I can do it for anything. But in all seriousness, time to get back to the grind.

Have a good, productive week. Until next time.

Monday, August 3, 2015


August. How did it become August? The summer just started and now it feels like it's almost gone. All you would have to do is walk outside this morning and you will be reminded summer is still here and in full force. We have to get through the "Dog Days" and then we begin transitioning into my favorite time of year, but before that, there's still time to enjoy.

Actually, there's a lot to enjoy. Football training camps have started, but that can wait. I have a first place baseball team who is making moves to make sure they play into October. Just take a second to reread that last sentence. The Mets are in first place in August, and they went out and made some moves to upgrade to a major league lineup to go along with their tremendous young pitching.

This next month is going to be fun to watch. As a fan, they made the team better, especially after the debauchery of the Carlos Gomez trade that wasn't on Wednesday night to the terrible loss with rain delays on Thursday. To bounce back after that, to sweep the Nats, nonetheless, really shows me this team has the potential to be special. August is going to be fun.

Until next time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Where ya been?

There seems to be a pattern with me and this blog. I post for a couple of weeks in a row then go radio silent for weeks. There's really no rhyme or reason behind this, it just seems to work that way.

So what's been going on? Well, for one, I've been a running fool. I've gone through basically six weeks of the couch to 5k program and can say I am up to running with no walking breaks. Tremendous progress if you ask me. Problem is, I'm still a fat guy, and it is freaking hot out. So this week might be a week off or at least a moderate week of running. There's something to be said for not running when it's 85° at 5am. Yeah, I think I'll pass.

Just because it's hot and the running will be reduced, it doesn't mean I can fall of the wagon when it comes to healthy eating. That will not happen because today, like every Monday this summer I will pick up my CSA allotment full if veggies. I honestly think I've eaten more veggies so far this summer than I have in the last three years. Not only do I get the CSA, but my veggie garden is starting to produce. We will be swimming in veggies by the end of July. I guess there are worse things in the world.

I finished brewing my seventh beer of the year yesterday. This particular one is a session IPA called Game Day IPA, because football season is right around the corner. Yeah, read that again. It's the 20th of July.

Hopefully I can build some momentum with this post and get some more out this month. We will see.

Until next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Round is a Shape

Well, it's been a while. In fact, it's a whole different month since we last talked. It's freaking July! How did that happen? The year is halfway over, so now would be a good time to start on those resolutions if you haven't yet.

Me, well, I have been planning and sticking to it. Within reason, of course. In fact, I was scheduled to run this morning, but mother nature and her thunderstorms had a different idea. And that's the way it has been this month with my plan. Stick to it, but be flexible. Everything does not have to be so rigid. So far, so good.

Eating right is easy when all you seem to have are vegetables. Fresh vegetables nonetheless. Our idea to join a local CSA has paid of so far. Fresh vegetables on a weekly basis means clean cooking and clean eating. As I have been reading, diet is one of the most important things in the battle to lose weight. With the fresh veggies, this part is becoming easy. And all these vegetables without my garden even coming to a harvest yet, so I can only imagine what that will be like.

And with that, July is here.

Until next time.