Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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So the struggle is real. How does a bona fide beer lover and drinker lose their beer belly? Well, we are about to find out in this new journey we're going to be taking here on Hops and Homers.

There are two main things I am looking to improve. The first and the most important in my opinion, is eating better. I plan to accomplish this by winning the days decisions. Every day there are small choices to make that will help to win the overall fight against fat. Win these choices daily and a new habit and new way of eating emerges. An example of a healthy choice is drinking more water. It's going to be difficult drinking less beer, but i hope to savor and enjoy the ones I do drink even more now. Lastly, another example is making the choice to eat more wholesome food, not something carb or sugar loaded, but instead something more fulfilling and healthy.

Along with making these better choices, I plan to continue to meal plan with healthy meals, and more importantly, stick to it. The key to meal planning is keeping things light, healthy, and delicious. Without any of those key criteria, this can't work. Moderation and portion sizes will be absolutely crucial.

Counting calories and dieting are not something I am interested in doing. Neither is journaling my daily food intake. While there are many articles and "experts" who say this is what really makes the most difference, I feel I have this portion of health covered through making the healthy choices. If I make a healthy choice, I shouldn't have to write it down. I feel that makes you too concerned about writing everything down and not enjoying the meal or more importantly, the food itself.

Eating better and healthier is going to be a huge part of getting into shape, but another key is getting out and being active. I've come to realize I like structure, so that means schedule workouts and put them on my calendar. Obviously it helps a lot when I actually do the workout I have scheduled, but guilt kicks in if I put something on my calendar and I don't stick to it or do it. These activities can be anything that gets me out and moving. Running, golfing, walking or hiking with Clover, or just doing a p90x3 workout, are all ways to get my ass moving.

What am I looking to accomplish with this series of posts? First and foremost, some accountability. Again, if I put it on my to do list or schedule a post on my calendar, guilt kicks in if I don't write one. Second, this will help me document my journey to be coming healthy. It will give me a place to see what worked and what didn't work. And lastly, it will help me stay consistent in my journey. It will give me an outlet to be honest with myself about how my choices went for the previous week.

I look forward to this journey of trying to lose my beer belly and the struggles that surround it. It will be a struggle make no bones about it. A struggle that will be worth it in the end.

Until next time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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Is there anything better in sports than a Game 7? My answer is no. Unless your team is involved, that is.

If your team is involved, like my team is tonight, the New York Rangers, it is absolutely heart wrenching. You hang on every second knowing that a puck off a skate can change the course of the game. There are no real commercial breaks, so it's non-stop action. This is what makes the game of hockey, and more specifically playoff hockey, so much fun to watch and nerve wracking, to say the least.

One shift. One period. One game at a time. Let's go Rangers!

Oh yeah, and Happy Harvey Day!

Until next time.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

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It is starting to feel like I am prepping for the Zombie apocalypse. First, learning how to brew my own beer, now I'm planting a vegetable garden in my yard and not to mention, an herb garden in my kitchen. Beer and food and I'm in business.

The garden is getting a bit out of control because I keep buying stuff to plant in it. As it stands now, I have fourteen different vegetables to grow. From tomatoes to arugula, we have a lot of variety. If all goes well and grows, we could open a farm stand. I'm kidding, I think. Who knows, I can also fail miserably, but so far the seeds have grown into plants and hopefully once they go into the grown they can fully prosper.

There's plans to add a pool to the yard. Not the permanent kind. The kind that is blown up and doesn't have a filter. A sort of adult kiddie pool. Enough to stay cool in 95° weather.  We also will be buying the repair kit for the inevitable hole from Clover.

While the garden and the pool are the good things, the pollen has been horrendous recently and the weather is heating up. Two things I could do without, but as is the season. My truck is basically yellow and now that the cap is off, there's yellow stuff in the bed. Soon enough this will be gone and I will be complaining about bugs. Again, as is the time of year.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Let's go Rangers!

Until next time.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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No time to explain, we're jumping right in:

-Tonight could be it for the Rangers. They're down 3-1 in their second round series with the Capitals. The bad part, besides facing elimination of course, is they have not played badly. In fact, I think they outplayed the Caps in every game this series, but have run into a hot goalie. Henrik needs to put them on his back tonight and extend this series until Sunday, and then we can go from there. One shift, one period, one game at a time.

-The wife and I, and some friends are heading to a cool event tonight to help support the Food Bank in our town. The event is called Ramble in the Barn and yes, it is in fact taking place in a barn. There will be a bluegrass band, beer , and barbeque. What more does one need? Besides a Rangers win of course.

-The Mets are bouncing back from a little bit of a funk and swept the Orioles. Tonight they start a weekend series with the Phillies and Matt Harvey opens things up tonight. Happy Harvey Day!

-I have my first batch of homebrewed beer that may have a little bit of an issue, over carbonation. Unfortunately this batch was a beer I was really looking forward to, a Belgian tripel called Le Pirt. It's so overly carbonated that some bottles have exploded in the Hops and Homers office. The Belgian wit the Wife brewed turned out fantastic, and we will be enjoying them this weekend at our Mother's Day BBQ this weekend. A double IPA is fermenting still and will be available around Memorial Day.

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Harvey Day and here's to the Rangers extending their season!

Until next time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

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Today we kick off the last week in April. Don't ask me how, because I have no idea. It was just New Year's and now the flowers are starting to bloom. Well, without more fanfare let's get to business:

-Like I mentioned above, we are starting the last week in April today, and with this time of year comes a lot of yard work. I'm happy to report, the lawnmower still works and so does our hands for pulling weeds. We have not deweeded the whole backyard yet because as some of you may remember, we had a huge issue with poison ivy a couple of years ago. Our poison ivy guys have been scheduled for their yearly visit, just have not come yet to remove our little three-leafed pest. Once that occurs we will be good to go. And I must mention, the grass is looking healthy and green.

-The Rangers will be moving on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the fourth straight year. They do so after taking Game 5 from the Penguins on Friday in overtime. The Rangers will start their next series sometime this week, once the Capitals and Islanders series finishes up tonight.

-The Mets 11 game winning streak came to an end with their loss on Friday night at Yankee Stadium. It was a good streak, so I am not too upset they lost two out of three to the Yankees. It still sucks, but the Mets are still 14-5 this year. This week they have a trip down to Miami and back home against the Nationals. If this team can bounce back and win both of these series, it will go a long way with showing me and the rest of the fan base this team is for real. Lose both of these series and you will hear they are "The same old Mets." Let's keep rolling.

-The NFL Draft begins Thursday night in Chicago. The Jets have the sixth selection in the first round. Who knows what they will do with it. Some pundits have them trading up to get Marcus Mariota, while others have them trading back. Me, I'd like to see them take Amari Cooper, a WR from Alabama, or a pass rusher. Whomever they take, I think they will make the team better. Tune in Thursday night to see the answer.

-My seeds are sprouting for my vegetable garden. And as usual, I got my tomato plants and some herbs from Ag Field Day this weekend. It was a beautiful day for Rutgers' Day and once again, Clover came with us. She was phenomenal. I think she's still tired this morning from all the smells and sights and other dogs she met. Whatever it is, she will be sleeping hard today. The garden is still being sewn inside because it's still too chilly overnight to be put outside and into the ground. Soon enough we will be harvesting green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchinis and squash, and some peppers. Soon enough.

-I have been kicking around an idea I've had for a little while and I am working out the final details. There will be a new series coming to Hops and Homers called Round is a Shape. It will be a weekly post about my journey to get into shape and onto a road of healthy living. Expect to see the intro this week.

Here's to a good, productive, and healthy week.

Until next time.