Monday, August 14, 2017

Winding Down

The last time we talked I mentioned we are in the home stretch with the baby boy that is fermenting in the Wife's womb. Well, after further review, it seems we are now officially in the home stretch. What we said the last time was actually just a preparatory statement, and was only the beginning. I believe we both have officially achieved nesting status.

The homestead will be cleaned today and just some final organizational touches need to be put in place for the arrival. The Wife and I both decided that this week is the week where all projects have to be finished completely, or have to come to a stopping point and picked up and continued in the future, once things slow down a little. We've both done a lot around here in preparation, and to be honest, it's time to sit down and relax.

With that, there are two things I would like to get done this week on top of the things I have to do (put in the car seats and get them inspected). The two things are brew another batch of Misdirected Hostility and also organize the garage. Each one of them on their own will help "future Sean", but together, they will make my life 100% better in the future.

So that's what I will be doing this week to finish up around here and come to a point where I can feel good about relaxing and waiting for his arrival. His arrival, for those of you not in the know, can be any time now, because the Wife has officially entered the 38th week of pregnancy, so it can be any day now.

Exciting times around these parts.

Until next time.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Home Stretch

As of this morning, we are under 4 weeks until the due date and there is a little anxiety kicking in. Nothing of the serious kind, but the kind where you know there is a deadline, and you have things you still would like to get done, but know time is getting short. Well, that's where I am at right now. A couple of things still need to get done in preparation for the little guy, but nothing that is a necessity. These are things that, theoretically, I can do once he is born, but, I know full well will not get done. So the time crunch is on.

Despite this minor complaint things are going well around the homestead. Tomatoes are starting to become ripe, and soon they will take over my countertops. My goal this year is to make some sauce with them and freeze it. Or do what I did last year, which was flash boil them, skin them, and then dice them up and freeze. Either way, we will be swimming in them.

The nursery is basically done minus a few remaining items on the punch list. The house is getting put back together as much as we can now that all of the showers are done and the remaining items from our registry are purchased. This little guy has a lot of stuff. His stuff to weight ratio is well above mine, and I am not a skinny person. We are lucky our home has a lot of closets, because they are all getting filled.

Here's to a crazy and hectic next 4 weeks!

Until next time.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi there, August. You sort of snuck up on me. Not really sure how you got here already, but you are, so welcome!

With August here, it means a couple of things.

First, football is here. Not that I have been paying attention to anything recently, but apparently training camp has started. It means that fantasy football is right around the corner. It means soon the weather will change, but first we have to get through the "Dog Days" of summer.

Speaking of dog days, the MLB trade deadline just passed and it saw the Mets make a move or two to sell off some assets and restock their minor league cupboards. Nothing ground shaking, but decent moves nonetheless. They are pretty much out of playoff contention at this point, barring a miracle.

When I woke up this morning I noticed a bubbling sound coming from my office. It was the glorious sound of yeast doing its job and releasing CO2. That's a very good thing for my newest beer, LePirt. It's a Belgian Tripel that I am going to condition on peaches. I know, I know. It absolutely is a clever name. LePirt = Tripel. It should be ready in the middle of September. I will get another brew in before the end of this month and should have that on tap for the beginning of September.

And with August here, it means the child that is in the Wife's belly right now has about a month of fermentation left. But, we are not falling for a month. As I told you previously, I believe this kid is going to be early. Take the under, despite Vegas having September 2nd as the line.

One thing I did not realize about having a baby, well maybe I did realize, but now get to see first hand, is just how much damn stuff this kid needs. I am not talking about diapers and wipes, I'm talking about the 37 different types of blankets there are out there. The Wife and I are ready at this point for his arrival.

Here's to a good August!

Until next time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Waiting

Well hello there! It's time to dust off this old blog and see if it still works. So far, so good.

When there is a lot going on at the Hops and Homers homestead, this blog seems to get put to the side. And believe me, there is a lot going on here.

In case you didn't see, the Wife and I are expecting a baby boy on September 2. Now, if you ask me, I think he will be here sooner, so take the under in all the baby pools. Vegas has it at even as of this morning.

So far so good with the pregnancy, although the kid has been deemed a little chubby with a big head. I say, welcome aboard! You will fit in nicely around here.

At this point I am ready for the little guy. I think we are as prepared as we are going to be. It's now just a waiting game. And I tend to be a little impatient.

Just a quick little update and a check to make sure this website still works. You might see more posts, or you might not. One cannot be sure. Especially because our lives can change quickly in the upcoming days.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Until next time.