Saturday, January 14, 2017

NFL Picks and More

There hasn't been much writing going on over here on this blog recently. Except, maybe, football picks, but those are the easy ones to write.

Well I have news for you. We don't know if that will change or not. To be honest, I would like to think  it will, but every January, I say the same things. And what happens? Nothing changes.

I did however come up with a brewing plan for the year. I stuck with it for the most part last year, so I expect the same for this year. I am still extract brewing for time and space, but plans are in the works to build a setup out in the garage. A couple of things need to happen before that can begin, but the plan is to have it up and running in the summer.

Along with the setup in the garage, I am looking to start kegging. The plan is to turn a chest freezer into a keezer. In essence, it is a kegerator, but instead of a fridge, it would be a freezer. It would serve as a place to ferment at cooler temperatures so I can try my hand at lagering. And if nothing else, it will be another place to store beer.

The first brew day of 2017 is this weekend, where a vanilla porter will be made. I've made plenty of stouts, but this will be my first porter.

Enough about beer, there's football on this weekend. These four games are usually the best games of the playoffs. Unfortunately, I don't know if that is going to be the case. Then again, what do I know, especially after going 1-3 last week.

Seahawks (+5) vs. FALCONS
This is a game where both teams have flaws. The Falcons seem to always choke in the playoffs and Seattle just doesn't seem the same outside of the Pacific Northwest. Seahawks win this one 34-30.

PATRIOTS (-15) vs. Texans
There's no way the Texans cover this one. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they get shutout. The Patriots defense is very underrated, and frankly, the Texans' offense is horrendous. There is no way the Evil Genius lets Brock freakin' Osweiler beat him. No way. Pats win 28-10.

Packers (+4.5) vs. COWBOYS
I have to stick with the Packers in this one. I picked them to go to the Super Bowl. I see them winning this game outright. The Cowboys are good, but the Packers are on fire. Pack win, 41-35.

Steelers (+1.5) vs. CHIEFS
This game had to be moved to Sunday night because of the icestorm that is engulfing the heartland of the US. It doesn't matter what time they play, the Steelers are going to win. Andy Reid is going to remember who he is and will make some bonehead decision. The Steelers have too many weapons. Steelers win 31-17.

Those are my picks for this weekend of games. Have a good time watching because before we know it, it will be over.

Until next time.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wild Card Weekend Picks

So it's snowing here in New Jersey. Snow makes the transition from the holiday season to the brunt of winter a little easier. A little. The transition to winter also means that football season is over (NCAA) or is winding down with the inevitable barren landscape of February. That time between the Super Bowl and when March Madness starts. I do have the Rangers to watch, but not much else. Before I get depressed, let's get to the picks for this weekend's games. (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Raiders (+3.5) vs. TEXANS
This is going to be a bad game offensively. Both teams have issues with quarterbacks, and both teams have decent defenses. I just think the Raiders are a better team. Raiders win 16-13.

SEAHAWKS (-8) vs. Lions
Ever since Matthew Stafford hurt his finger, the Lions' offense has not looked the same. Plus, this game is in Seattle and they actually have people testing to see if the noise can cause seismic activity. Don't believe me? Check this out. Seahawks win 35-14.

Dolphins (+11) vs. STEELERS
I think this game is closer than people think. The Dolphins defense is no joke and can definitely contain the Steelers. However, I do think the Steelers win, 24-20. Give me the points.

Giants (+5) vs. PACKERS
Stop me if you've heard this one before... The Giants go to Lambeau Field in the playoffs and win. Oh, you have? In 2007 and in 2011? And then the Giants went on to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl both times?!? Hmm, might be onto something here. Giants win 28-17.

Happy 2017! Cheers to a good year for you and yours.

Until next time.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Special Sunday Picks Saturday Edition NFL Week 17

I am getting my picks in for tomorrow's final Sunday in the NFL season a little early, because I am not sure what kind of shape I might be in tomorrow, and frankly, I have had enough NFL football this year. I generally get this way when the Jets suck, so this year is no different.

I will finish in the positive with my picks this year, unlike previous years. I think next year, I will just be doing the games straight up, with no spread. I want to change it up and see if the record becomes any better.

Before getting into my week 17 picks, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here's to a happy and healthy one!

Also, before I forget, I like Washington (+12.5) and the points against Alabama and also Ohio State (-1.5) over Clemson. Alabama and Ohio State in the Championship Game.

Without further ado, here are my picks (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

COLTS (-5) vs. Jaguars

DOLPHINS (+10) vs. Patriots
Dolphins play well in this one as the Pats take it easy.

Bears (+6.5) vs. VIKINGS
The Bears have been playing relatively close games, so give me the points.

Bills (-3.5) vs. JETS
I don't have anything good to say, so I will not say anything. This will feel like a preseason game. Especially because Rex isn't even going to be there. It will be some bad football too. Terrible 2016 season. Let's see this offseason play out. A lot can be done, and a lot should be done. Jets lose, 27-14.

EAGLES (-5.5) vs. Cowboys
Cowboys have clinched and the Eagles are looking to build some momentum heading into next year, which adds up to an Eagles win in front of the Mummers. Carson Wentz has a day.

STEELERS (-5.5) vs. Browns
At least the Browns won a game.

Ravens (-1.5) vs. BENGALS
Don't really care.

TITANS (-4) vs. Texans
BUCCANEERS (-3.5) vs. Panthers

REDSKINS (-7.5) vs. Giants
If the Redskins can't win here, they don't belong in the playoffs.

FALCONS (-7.5) vs. Saints
Cardinals (-6.5) vs. RAMS

Raiders (+1.5) vs. BRONCOS
The Broncos have checked out. Especially the defense.

Chiefs (-4) vs. CHARGERS
Seahawks (-8.5) vs. 49ERS

Packers (-3) vs. LIONS
No Monday night game this week, just a Sunday night. And a pretty big game it is. Win and you win the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers continues his hot streak.

Last Week: 7-8-1
Season: 130-97-12

Here's to 2017!


Until next time.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Week 16 NFL Picks

Christmas is here. Well, Christmas weekend at least. It's been a crazy trip through 2016, and just as weird in the NFL. Here are my week 16 picks. (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Dolphins (+4.5) vs. BILLS
I have a feeling whomever I take in this one, the other team will win. Take the Dolphins because Rex is going to lose his job, and the Bills come out and play the best game they have all season. That is what I am expecting today.

PATRIOTS (-17) vs. Jets
This is a lot of points. Then again, the Jets are really bad, and their last two big games they have been blown out. I see nothing changing here. Pats roll.

Titans (-4.5) vs. JAGUARS
The Jaguars are worse than the Jets.

PACKERS (-7) vs. Vikings
Aaron Rodgers is on fire right now. I don't see the Vikings stopping him.

Chargers (-4) vs. BROWNS
0-16, here we come!

BEARS (+3) vs. Redskins
I just like the Bears this week.

PANTHERS (+3) vs. Falcons
Simply because this game is in Carolina.

RAIDERS (-3.5) vs. Colts
Keep on keepin on with the Raiders.

SEAHAWKS (-7.5) vs. Cardinals
Good game for the Seahawks to start getting back on track.

RAMS (-5) vs. 49ers

SAINTS (-3.5) vs. Buccaneers
Lots of points in this one.

TEXANS (-2) vs. Bengals
Ex-Rutgers QB Tom Savage leads the Texans tonight.

Ravens (+5.5) vs. STEELERS
Good game. Always a good game. Nice way to showcase football on Christmas.

Broncos (+3.5) vs. CHIEFS
Another good game. Broncos get their revenge and keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

COWBOYS (-7) vs. Lions
Cowboys keep rolling.

This Week: 0-1
Last Week: 10-6
Season: 123-89-11

Good luck in your fantasy playoffs or championships this weekend. More importantly, have a Merry Christmas, if you are celebrating. Hope you get a chance to spend some time with people you care about and Santa brings you everything you want.

Until next time.