Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Time and the Livin's Easy

It's officially summer in these parts. Honestly, it feels like it's been the summer for about six weeks already, but we are not even out of June yet. The grass is as brown as it gets in August, but the flowers and vegetables are right on schedule.

Speaking of vegetables, the CSA is in full swing and so is my vegetable garden. A lot of our plants are just starting to flower, so we are only a couple of days from blooming with vegetables.

Not only are our gardens on schedule, our pool is setup and is ready to go. Summer is in full effect.

I am a little late with this post, but here's to a sun-filled, good beer drinking, pool partying, and beach relaxing summer.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Some Ramblings

No intro, just things.

-So it's Memorial Day Weekend and summer is unofficially here. In more ways than one. In NJ we have had our first official heatwave of 2016. It is irregularly hot out, to the point that it's making me question life without a pool. Yeah, it's that hot.

-Memorial Day is more than BBQs and cookouts, it's a time to remember those that have given their lives for the country. Try not to lose sight of that this weekend between the hot dogs and cold beer.

-Vegetables are in the ground and they are thriving. The backyard is all setup for outdoor living. The only thing missing is the pool, which may be set up sooner rather than later. If you remember, the Wife and I bought a blow up pool last year. It's a perfect size for relaxing and cooling off without the work of a large pool. Soon enough we will have a big one. Soon enough.

-Sean's Sorachi Saison has been bottled and is currently carbonating. I tried it last night and it still needs a couple of days. The flavor is there despite what the Wife thinks. I'm pretty happy with the beers I have brewed this year. Next up is a nutty brown ale with some fruit in it. Trying to make a PB&J in a bottle.

-As I mentioned above, it's freaking hot out. I have taken a new approach to the hot and warm weather. I am going to try and embrace it. I enjoy being outside, and I enjoy the fact that NJ has all four seasons. I embrace all of the other seasons, so why not sweat a little in the hot weather. After all, it only lasts a couple of months.

Here's to warm weather, a pool, and ice cold beers!

Until next time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Some Ramblings

Hello again. It's been awhile since we last spoke. A lot to catch up on, so here we go.

-The good news around here is it finally stopped raining. The bad news is the temperature feels like it's November. Because of the temperature, plants and veggies cannot be planted. I remember reading, hearing, or absorbing that the overnight temperatures should stay above 50° before they can get planted. Who knows if it is true or not, but it sounds good to me. Thursday is the plan so far to get them in the ground, and then say a prayer and see what happens.

-I will be bottling a saison this week which should be ready in about a week. I used a sorachi hop, which is Japanese and has a lemony flavor to it, to hop and also dry-hop. It is inspired by Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace. Sounds like a perfect summer beer. Almost like I planned it out that way.

- Our CSA has started again, and so far, asparagus, baby bok choi, and basil have been on the menu. There's still room if anyone is interested. Go here for information. It really is a good deal if you are looking for more vegetables in your diet.

-Unfortunately, we have been invaded again by cankerworms. These little buggers, also known as inch worms or silk worms, ate the leaves off our bug maple tree in our backyard, then dive bomb down to the ground via their silk string to bury themselves in the ground only to rise again to start the process all over again. Well, I have sad news for the worms, this will be the last time. This fall they will be stopped. You can count on that.

- The Mets start a series with the hated Nationals tonight with first place in the line. The Mets are currently a game and a half behind the Nats, but there is a whole lot of season left. Tonight's pitching matchup is two of the better pitchers in the league, Noah Syndegaard and Max Scherzer. This is also the first time Daniel Murphy returns to Citi. I'm thinking he will receive a mixed reaction. LGM!

That's all we got for now. Until next time.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gray May

Will it ever stop raining? I feel the sun hasn't been out in about a week. I thought these showers were supposed to be in April. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo that the calendar has flipped to May.

Don't get me wrong, the grass and plants are looking real green, but are waiting for the sun to come out. Once that happens, look out because here come the May flowers.

This weekend, Mother's Day, is usually the time when it is recommended to get plants in the ground, but if it doesn't stop raining, that can't happen. 

The forecast does look better starting on Sunday, but for now, we must get through this dreary beginning of May.

Until next time.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Superstitions are downright weird if you take the time to think about it. Actions causing a desired outcome on things you have no control over. If that's not weird, I don't know what is.

Athletes are the biggest offenders of having them. Well, maybe fans give them a good fight, but sports in general are full of superstitions.

Am I superstitious? Damn right. And not just when it comes to sports. If I have a good day at work, I try to replicate it the next day.

Details matter to people who are superstitious. This is their lifeblood in fact.  Without the details, how would you know if your socks are lucky? How would you know if where you sat mattered?

See "normal" people take these things for granted. Not us superstitious people. We notice. Ask the Wife. I am detail oriented. She can confirm.

Why do I write this? Well, I am off to watch the Rangers' game. In a different seat than the one I sat in last game. A game they lost. Changing seats is going to help.

Just remember, I admit superstitions are weird. If they don't work. Hey! They should make a commercial like that.

Let's go Rangers!

Until next time.