Monday, September 26, 2016

Some Ramblings

Lots of things to get to. Pretty shitty weekend with a couple of bright spots. Let's get into it.

-First, there were two deaths over the weekend that need to be mentioned. On Sunday morning we learned the news of Jose Fernandez passing away in a boating accident. He was only 24 years old. While Jose was phenomenal against the Mets. He had something ridiculous like 57 strikeouts in 42 innings against them. The guy was a joy to watch, especially as a former pitcher. He had a nasty breaking ball and looked like he thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. It's a shame we won't get to see him play anymore.

The second death is of Arnold Palmer. Arnold was a golfer who was so famous they named a drink after him. I only got  a chance to watch him in his later years, so I couldn't understand his greatness. I have seen the highlights and the statistics to back it up though.

-The football this weekend was horrendous to say the least. Rutgers lost to Iowa 14-7 and the Jets got blown out by the Chiefs 24-3. Both teams looked really bad on offense. Like really, really bad. The defenses on the other hand, looked more than competent. They actually looked good in some spots. There is a long way to go for both of them, but it gets more difficult before it gets easier. The Scarlet Knights get to travel to Columbus to take on Ohio State, while the Jets get the Seahawks at home. This is a key stretch for both teams to show me something. Show me a reason to believe and watch. (Not that I won't be anyway. I like to be shown.)

-The Mets on the other hand put up more runs on Sunday than both football teams combined. They start their final week of the season sitting atop the Wild Card standing for the National League. They have a series against the heavy-hearted Marlins and the Phillies this week, both on the road, as they try to hold on to their lead. Colon tries to set the tone tonight in what should be a very emotional game. Let's Go Mets!

-The first Presidential debate is tonight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and I am expecting an absolute shit show. As a matter of fact, the way this election season has been going, I would expect and accept nothing less. While my expectations are of a shit show, I am not sure what will make it so.

Trump really can't lose here. If he bombs, the media says so, and then all his supporters chide the media as having an agenda for Hillary. If he wins, he picks up some more independents possibly. Hillary on the other hand has nothing to win. If she wins, the media is going to say, "Of course she should win, look at her opponent." If Hillary loses, she may lose some voters who were on the fence, some Bernie holdovers. Either way, this is going to be can't miss TV.

Full disclosure, I was a history and political science major in college, and this shit fascinates the hell out of me. Be prepared, maybe, for some political commentary. Who knows?!? I am still undecided on who will get my vote come Election Day, so hashing out some things here may happen.

Until next time.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 3 NFL Picks

Although this is a football post, it is worth mentioning that the Mets have done one helluva job this year. I know the season is not over and they haven't won anything, but with all of the injuries they have had to endure, this is one remarkable season. Hat tip to Sandy and the minor leagues. Let's go get the Wild Card and who knows at that point, anything can happen. Ya gotta believe!

The past two weeks have been very mediocre when it comes to my picks. I get that. This week will feature more of the same. (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Cardinals(-4) vs. BILLS
This is usually a tough trip for a team heading west to east and then playing a 1 pm game. I don't think  so in this one.

TITANS (+1.5) vs. Raiders
Refer to above. Except this time it's true.

Browns (+10) vs. DOLPHINS)
Give me the points. Plus, I like the over.

JAGUARS (+2) vs. Ravens
The Ravens have to lose eventually, and the Jags have to win eventually. Today is eventually.

Lions (+7) vs. PACKERS
The Packers defense is not as good as they are playing. This is a lot of points to not take the Lions.

Broncos (+4) vs. BENGALS
The Broncos defense is the best in the league. Andy Dalton has no room at all today.

PANTHERS (-7) vs. Vikings
This game will be close. Panthers pull away late to cover.

Redskins (+3) vs. GIANTS
The Redskins win in an ugly game.

Rams (+3.5) vs. BUCCANEERS
The Rams have a better defense. That's all I got.

49ers (+10) vs. SEAHAWKS
Give me the points.

Jets (+2.5) vs. CHIEFS
I like the Jets even if Brandon Marshall doesn't play. The Chiefs have a ho-hum offense that likes to run the ball. The Jets are good at stopping the run. Jets win in a low-scoring game, 17-13.

COLTS (+1) vs. Chargers
Andrew Luck carries them today.

EAGLES (+3.5) vs. Steelers
Game of the week. I expect points from both teams. Steelers win on a late FG.

COWBOYS (-6.5) vs. Bears
The Bears are bad, and I like the Cowboys this year.

SAINTS (-2.5) vs. Falcons
The Saints can't lose on MNF in the Dome, right? Right? I won't know. I will be watching the first Presidential debate.

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 8-7-1
Season: 16-13-3

Good luck this week!

Until next time.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 3 Quick Pick

PATRIOTS (-1) vs. Texans
There's no way the Patriots lose, even if they bring back Steve Grogan to play QB. I just don't see it. That's all they do. Win. No difference tonight. Pats win 31-17.

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

On the Banks of the 'ol Raritan

Is it really that big of a deal that an adult drank a beer? Well apparently it is at Rutgers. The school is again in a sticky situation after New Brunswick Today posted a video of AD Pat Hobbs drinking a beer on stage at a student tailgate. This video was picked up by Deadspin, ESPN, et al, and forced an apology from Hobbs.

How is this a thing? How? I know others have made this joke, but the only reason to apologize for anything is that he was drinking a Bud Light.

Who cares! That is my feeling on this. Who cares?!!?

This is blowing something way out of proportion. Some may say alcohol was the reason the student tailgate was cancelled and it was a bad look. Last time I checked, someone who is of age having a beer is not a big problem. Even if you are the AD. This story is over shadowing a big game this weekend against Iowa, but that's what the Star Ledger and do. Always look for the bad.