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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 12 NFL Picks

We are jumping right into things this week (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Browns (+3) vs. FALCONS
Brian Hoyer has a big game for the Browns down in the ATL.

Titans (+11) vs. EAGLES
This is a lot of points to leave on the table. I do believe the Eagles get back on track, but not that much on track.

Lions (+7.5) vs. PATRIOTS
The one thing I do know, the Detroit Lions defense is for real and will keep them in this game. Pats win, just not by a touchdown.

Packers (-7.5) vs. VIKINGS
Aaron Rodgers and the Pack are on a roll, but today is Eddie Lacy and James Starks running the ball. Pack wins easily.

COLTS (-13.5) vs. Jaguars
The Colts need to rebound after getting beat pretty soundly by the Patriots last week. What better way to do that than with the Jags?

TEXANS (-1.5) vs. Bengals
I like the Texans because this game is in Houston.

Buccaneers (+5.5) vs. BEARS
The Bears are a mess. The Bucs at least are playing young guys who are hungry. Jay Cutler just doesn't care.

Cardinals (+7.5) vs. SEAHAWKS
So, the best team in the league this year is just over a touchdown underdog against the best team from last year, up in the great Northwest. I don't buy the Seahawks this year. Especially their defense.

Rams (+6) vs. CHARGERS
Eventually the Rams have to realize they can't win in this league without a top named QB. Or can they?

BRONCOS (-7) vs. Dolphins
If this game was higher than a touchdown spread I would have went with the Dolphins, but since it's not, I like the Broncos. Never bet against Peyton, and never bet with the Dolphins.

49ERS (-8.5) vs. Redskins
The Redskins are a mess right now and the Niners need a win. Simple as that.

GIANTS (-3.5) vs. Cowboys
I don't really trust the Giants, but I also very much don't trust the Cowboys.

Jets (+2.5) vs. BILLS
I don't see how the Bills can play this week. The Jets and Giants had a daze about them after Sandy, so I think the Jets squeak one out here in Detroit.

SAINTS (-3) vs. Ravens
How can I not pick the Saints at home in the dome on Monday Night Football?

This week:  0-1
Last Week:  6-8
Season:  77-67-3

Good luck in all your fantasy games today. Until next time.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TNF Week 12

Chiefs (-7.5) vs. RAIDERS
The game tonight is more or less a ho-hum division rivalry, except it's kind of one-sided to the Chiefs recently. Oakland does not get their first win tonight, however they do keep it close enough early to suck you in to watch. Chiefs win a decent game, 31-17.

Until next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 11 NFL Picks

The Jets have a bye this week so that means they can't lose. Let's get right to the picks (HOME TEAMS IN CAPS):

Seahawks (+1.5) vs. CHIEFS
This is going to be one of the better games of the week. A lot of points and defensive stops when needed. Seahawks win.

PANTHERS (+1.5) vs. Falcons
Just because it's on the schedule.

Bengals (+7) vs. SAINTS
That's a lot of points, and the Bengals aren't that bad.

Buccaneers (+7.5) vs. REDSKINS
Again, it's on the schedule, I will pick it.

RAMS (+9) vs. Broncos
That's a lot of points.

49ers (-3.5) vs. GIANTS
The Giants are not that good.

Vikings (+2.5) vs. BEARS
The Bears are a disaster.

BROWNS (-3.5) vs. Texans
The Browns are getting better, and that is a scary thing.

CHARGERS (-10.5) vs. Raiders
The Raiders are really, really bad.

Lions (+1) vs. CARDINALS
This is the game of the week. A defensive battle between two of the top defenses in the league. Matthew Stafford is the difference which is why I like the Lions. I am starting to believe in the Lions.

Eagles (+5.5) vs. PACKERS
Aaron Rodgers is on fire, but so are the Eagles. Packers win, just don't cover.

Patriots (+3) vs. COLTS
This is going to be a fun game to watch. Tom Brady outduels Andrew Luck, and the Pats win 34-28.

Steelers (-6) vs. TITANS
This is definitely not one of the better matchups MNF has had this year, but I will watch nonetheless.

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 6-7
Season: 71-59-3

Until next time.