Tuesday, March 28, 2017

R & R

I got back from my annual spring kick-off trip to Tampa to visit some family and do one of my fantasy baseball drafts and I feel absolutely refreshed. I flew down on Friday afternoon and returned yesterday afternoon, but I feel like the trip was a lot longer than that. In fact, it feels like I had a week off.

Sometimes taking a couple of days away, in a different environment, a different climate, and with different people can make a world of difference. Like I mentioned, I feel completely refreshed and ready to tackle some big things that I have planned.

So here's to a good spring!

Until next time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


One of the things people struggle with the most in their life is change. Change can come in many forms.

Most of the time, changes are inevitable, however, there are those times that change is necessary.

Sometimes the changes are forced upon us, while other times it is us who decide to change.

Change is something that happens every day. It happens right in front of us and we don't even realize it.

No matter how ready we think we are for change, we don't truly know until we have done it.

If you couldn't tell by my overly philosophic previous couple of lines and subsequent lines, there are some changes going on in my life, both personally and professionally. That's also where this post came from. And just to let it be known, I don't plan to give up writing on this blog. Not any time soon at least. This lets me get things out of my head that have been bouncing around in there. Even if the whole story is not told, just writing helps me work things out.

Change is tough no matter how small or large the thing is that is changing. This is especially true for habits that you want to break or for new habits you want to create. Because of this, I have been reading a lot about habits recently. I won't bore you with my findings, but just know that the toughest enemy out there is the piece of processing equipment that resides between our ears. That's right, our brains.

So here's to those out there trying to make changes, whatever changes they may be.

Change is tough. Embrace it because it is inevitable.

Until next time.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some Ramblings

A lot of stuff to get into, so let's do this.

  • So the blizzard was a bust. Well for the most part it was a bust. We only got about 6 inches and about an inch or so of a layer of ice. I did get to use the snow blower for the first time since getting it fixed, so at least there's that. The previous storm I was in Arizona so I did not get to use it. 
  • The bathroom renovation is pretty much done except for a couple of small things left on the punch list. I think it came out nicely. And so does the Wife, which is the more important thing. It was the last bastion of pink in my home, and I can say I am happy to see it go. Some decorations still need to be finalized, but for the most part it is done and a functioning bathroom.
  • Speaking of busts, March Madness tips off today at 12pm, and my bracket is completed. I tried a new strategy this year, wait until last night to pick the games and see how it goes. I never win at these things, but always get so worked up over the bracket. This year, with a lot going on, feels different. This can go one way or another, boom or bust, but either way it will be a very good weekend full of games.

Here's to not having your bracket busted on the opening day of the tournament! 

Until next time.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Not Over Yet

Here in NJ, Winter is reminding that it is not over yet. The past couple of days have been cold, especially considering we had some 70 degree days recently, but that is nothing compared to what is supposed to be coming this way tonight into tomorrow.

Photo from weathernj.com
Do you see what I mean? Yeah. Hops and Homers homestead is smack in the middle of the 18-24" range. The forecast from all major players in NJ are all saying basically the same thing.

Thank god I got the snow blower working again because it will definitely be needed.

And here I was, thinking about gardening and getting the yard ready for spring. Mother Nature had some other ideas.

Good luck to all out there in the path of this snow. Make sure you have enough beer and food to hunker down. Also, make sure you get some gas for the snowblower. You sure are going to need it.

Until next time.