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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 15 NFL Picks

My picks are helping me stay in tune with this NFL season. Unfortunately for me, my real-life and fantasy teams, not so much. It's easy to lose interest when your favorite NFL team is 2-11, and you make the playoffs in two out of five fantasy leagues. Yeah, that's right. I wrote five fantasy leagues. Don't judge me. Alright, enough about me and my troubles. Let's get into the part of the 2014 NFL season that I am doing well in (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Steelers (-2.5) vs. FALCONS
This should be a high scoring game because both teams don't like to play defense.

 GIANTS (-7) vs. Redskins
This is a lot of points, but the Redskins are pretty bad.

PATRIOTS (-7.5) vs. Dolphins
If the Patriots lose today, it would mark the first time since 2000 that they would be swept by an AFC East opponent. Any chance the Dolphins beat them? Ha! I doubt it.

CHIEFS (-10.5) vs. Raiders
There are a lot of high spreads in the early games. Chiefs win easily.

COLTS (-7) vs. Texans
Colts are the real deal. I wish the defense was a little more stout.

RAVENS (-14) vs. Jaguars
For the Jets sake, I hope the Jags win.

Packers (-4) vs. BILLS
The Packers have never won in Buffalo. Really? That ends today.

PANTHERS (-3) vs. Buccaneers
It's sad that a 4-8-1 team is still alive for a division crown, but that's the NFC South.

BROWNS (-2) vs. Bengals
The battle of Ohio, and Johnny Football is being introduced. Browns win a must win game.

Jets (-3) vs. TITANS
In typical Jets fashion, they are going to screw up this terrible season and possible top draft pick by winning against an equally shitty team.

CHARGERS (+4.5) vs. Broncos
Peyton doesn't play well in San Diego and the Broncos are due for a loss.

49ers (+10) vs. SEAHAWKS
Seahawks win, but give me the points.

Vikings (+7.5) vs. LIONS
Same as above. Lions win, give me the points.

EAGLES (-3.5) vs. Cowboys
The Eagles win this game despite Mark Sanchez. Tony Romo blows it again in December.

Saints (-3) vs. BEARS
Who cares. The Saints still have a chance to go to the playoffs and have a home game, and they are 5-8. The NFC South!

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 10-6
Season: 98-93-3

Good luck in the fantasy playoffs. Until next time.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

TNF Week 15

Cardinals (+6) vs. RAMS
I don't see the Cardinals losing this game. The Rams have played well and have snuck up on some teams, but they will not sneak up on the Cards. I expect a defensive battle and a pretty boring game. Cards win 17-13.

Until next time.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 14 NFL Picks

We have made it all the way to week 14. By this time, most fantasy leagues start their playoffs or are close to it, and the teams in the NFL already know who they are. Unfortunately for me, both my real life football and fantasy football teams, have been a waste of time this year. There is always next year right?

My picks have been one of the things that has saved this season for me and they aren't that good, which is me saying this football season has been a bust. Let's try to improve that this week (HOME TEAM IN CAPS):

Steelers (+3) vs. BENGALS
I have a feeling the Steelers show up today and the Bengals don't. Simple as that. The AFC North gets interesting after this week.

Rams (-2.5) vs. REDSKINS
The Rams are not playing like a 5-7 team. If they could ever keep their QB healthy they would be dangerous. They will be a spoiler for some teams coming down the stretch. I'm looking at you Cardinals and Niners.

Giants (-1.5) vs. TITANS
This game is for draft position. I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants lose.

Panthers (+10) vs. SAINTS
That is a lot of points to be laying for a team that is not the good.

Jets (+5) vs. VIKINGS
The Vikings haven't beaten the Jets since 1975. Plus the Jets like to do things that will hurt them for the future (e.g. win games so they miss out on Marcus Mariota.)

Ravens (+3) vs. DOLPHINS
The Dolphins can be a great team some weeks and a below average others. This week they are below average.

BROWNS (+3) vs. Colts
I think this turns out to be the game of the week. Entertaining with a lot of points scored. Give me the Browns.

Buccaneers (+10.5) vs. LIONS
The Lions don't give up many points, but they don't score many points. Too large of a number not to take the Bucs. Lions win, give me the points.

Texans (-5.5) vs. JAGUARS
There is no way the Jags can win two games in a row. Right?

BRONCOS (-10.5) vs. Bills
Peyton has a day today. Broncos win big.

CARDINALS (+2.5) vs. Chiefs
I see the Cards finding a way to win this game. I doubt more that 42 total points are scored in this one.

Seahawks (+1) vs. EAGLES
The time runs out for Mark Sanchez today and he falls back down to earth against a defense that is really clicking despite all of their injuries. Seattle wins 31-20.

49ers (-8.5) vs. RAIDERS
Yeah, the Raiders. No bueno.

CHARGERS (+3.5) vs. Patriots
The Patriots lose two games in a row. What!?!?! Yeah, that's right, I said it.

PACKERS (-13) vs. Falcons
Another gem on MNF. Sarcasm, of course. Aaron Rodgers has an off game, but the Packers still roll.

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 7-9
Season: 88-87-3

Good luck this week if your team has happened to make it to the fantasy playoffs or is still alive and trying to clinch a spot.

Until next time.